LVDanceathon10Q. Do I have to dance for 24 hours?
A. No. Your team will dance for 24 hours. You must have 1 team member on the dance floor at all times. It’s like a relay.

Q. How to I participate? What if I don’t know anybody?
A. Register on this website. You can wait for an invitation or ask any team to take you. If you don’t know anybody there is no quicker way to make life long friends.

Q. Do I have to know how to dance to participate?
A. No. If you are new to swing dancing you will participate in the lessons. Plus the only way to learn to dance is to go dancing. You will find many people to help you along.

Q. If I can’t be there for all 24 hours can I still participate?
A. Yes, absolutely. Because you have a team you all can take turns being there. If you have lots to do show up whenever you are done. That might be 2am. That’s when you will be needed most. The 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon goes from 12pm on Saturday to 12pm on Sunday.

Q. How much money do I have to raise?
A. Each participant must raise at least $65 minimum. Rather than considering this a “cover charge” think of it as donation target.  It’s not intended that YOU come of with the money, but rather that you ask for support.
You are encouraged to raise $100 or more. There are significant prizes for the people who raise the most money for cancer research.

Q. Is the minimum donation $65?
A. No. There is no donation too small. If your donors want to give a dollar it goes towards YOUR $65 minimum to participate.

Q. How much money does my team need to raise?
A. You are encouraged to raise as much as possible. Each team should aim to raise a minimum of $1,000.  Remember there will be significant prizes for the teams that raise the most money.

Q. How do I raise money?
A. Ask your friends for donations. Ask your parents for donations. Ask your co-workers for donations. Tell them about the event and how worthwhile the cause is. Heck maybe they would even join your team! Sell some junk on e-bay. Get creative. Check the forums on the website to share and get ideas for raising money.

Q. How many people should be on each team?
A. Somewhere around 20 people. If your team is too small you will get exhausted. If your team reaches 30 people you should split into 2 teams of 15. Remember that people will join at the last second even though you plan ahead. To be fair to the other teams the maximum people per team is 29.

Q. Do I only have to dance with people on my team?
A. Of course not. You will want to meet and dance with people from all the other teams.

Q. How do I choose a name for my team?
A. Well, if you are related to a dance venue go with Team Dance Venue. If you would like to dedicate your team to a person who died from cancer or a survivor go with Team Name. If you are related to a company name it Team Company.

Q. How can I become part of a team?
A. You can start your own team by inviting some friends. If you don’t know anybody involved already you can find people looking for team members online at Or, ask around when you go dancing to see if anybody has a team already.

Q. Do we have to have an even amount of girls and guys.
A. No. You can have an all guys team if you wanted. At the event you would of course want to make a point to find the all girls team. There will be so many people to choose from at the event it won’t matter. Remember you don’t have to dance with your team members.

Q. Can I dedicate our team’s efforts to someone’s memory?
A. Yes. You can do that in several ways. 1st you could use the person’s name in your team name. You can also put remembrances on your banner or cancer display.

Q. I heard something about making a cancer display. What does that mean?
A. Each team should put together a display that will educate people that visit your team booth about one type of cancer. For example you could set up a board that tells about Leukemia so that when people come around they can read it. Get as creative as you want.

Q. Will there be a dark area to sleep on site?
A. Yes.

Q: Will there be any food vendors on site?
A. There will be food on site at all times.  There is also a Pasta Dinner at 7pm and a Pancake Breakfast at 7am.

Q. Will there be spectator tickets?
A. Spectator tickets will be available for anyone who makes a donation of at least $65. We will have a list of donators at the door. We chose this number because its also the minimum donation to participate.
If a donor makes a larger donation they will be able to get one spectator ticket per $65 of their donation. In other words, if a donor makes a $195 donation, they will be entitled to 3 spectator tickets.  Another way to work the math.  Participants are entitled to one guest for every $65 they raise.  In this case the participant should alert the check in desk of their guest list.

Q. Will spectators/donors be allowed to participate in the lessons?
A. Spectators may participate in the lessons. We value our donors greatly and hope to extend every courtesy and offer every opportunity to participate.

Q. Will spectators/donors be allowed to social dance?
A. Yes please! You deserve it!

Q. Will teachers be available to teach private lessons?
A. Yes.

Q. If people are having trouble making donations because of access to the website what should they do?
A. The can write a check made out to: 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon and mail it to

24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon
17961 Skypark Circle Suite C
Irvine, CA 92614

Make a point to include the first and last name of the Participant.
Also they can give the check to you and you could mail it or hand it off.

Q. Can I make the check out to City of Hope?
A. Yes. The Dance-A-Thon is a valid 501-(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation TaxID#20-2805046, and is ready to receive your donation. However, if you feel more comfortable writing your check out to City of Hope, we will be sure to forward on your donation.

Q. Can I give a receipt to people that make a donation?

Q. If someone sends a check how will I know they made a donation on my behalf?
A. We enter the check manually under your name. Our site sends you an email notifying you of the donation. You can also view your fundraising history from your profile page at any time.

Q. What is the Dance-a-thon’s Non-Profit Tax ID?
A. 20-2805046