What is a silent auction?

Items are donated and are displayed on a table with a corresponding bid sheet. An opening bid is set as well as an incremental bid that you can raise (i.e. $5 or $10). For example if a dinner for two valued at $50 has an opening bid of $20 and an incremental bid of $5 you can bid $20 and the next person could bid $25 or $30.  There will always be a cut-off time and if you really want something be sure to come and watch your specific items so you can keep increasing your bid until the end.

What type of items can people donate?

ANYTHING, as long as it is new or never been used.  We will take small things like a bottle of wine or movie tickets or artwork.  We can package items together that other people donate to make a wonderful auction package!  Talk to businesses that you frequent often they will be much more receptive to donate something – restaurants, dry cleaners, golf courses, gyms, hair and nail salons, grocery stores, theme parks, retail stores, etc!  If you have friends in businesses that are interested in donating their services too perhaps fix computers, household cleaning services, organization services, event planning, etc. these are always great items too!

Who should donors contact?

Contact Trisha if you have questions or need to let us know about items ahead of time. donations@danceathon.org

How can people bid?

At the event there will be a silent auction area and the items will be displayed for you to bid on.  Bidder will write their name and bid on the paper.

Where at the event will the Auction be held?

The auction will be held in the lobby area on floor 2 between the blues room and the basketball court.

Do I get credit for the money raised by my auction items?

Yes.  You and your team will get credit towards your donation goals.

What time do I have to have my auction items submitted by?

Please make a point to give the silent auction team your auction items by 1pm Saturday.

What time is the action over?

The auction ends on Saturday night and all items need to be collected 2 hours after the auction closes or the runner-up will receive the item.